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DevOps Consulting Services 

With our DevOps expertise, we can eliminate silos, improve quality of work, streamline software development, and reduce operational costs.

As a Gold partner, we help you leverage your DevOps/TFS/Azure DevOps/Azure/ALM setup by conducting knowledge-rich sessions and webinars. With our continuing partnership with Microsoft, we work closely with our clients to drive the successful adoption of Visual Studio as an integrated DevOps or ALM solution.

Our offering includes agile planning, guidance on source code organization, package management, and automation of build and release processes, allowing you to continuously integrate, test, deliver, and monitor your applications. With the help of our expertise, you can deploy your applications more quickly and with confidence.

Expertise We Offer 

DevOps assessment and consulting 

A detailed roadmap is drawn for implementing best practices in the cloud based on our experts' evaluation of your current DevOps framework. 

CI/CD pipeline implementation 

A fully automated build-test-release process is created by DevOps engineers to reduce risks and accelerate delivery. 

System administration 

Servers and databases are monitored by our experts to ensure their health, as well as respond properly to faults, outages, and other related issues. 

Migration to the cloud 

By moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP & Alibaba), we enable reliable hosting with fewer resources than building and maintaining a physical infrastructure. 

Infrastructure automation 

Our experts select, customize, and manage software tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing environment. As a result, your IT infrastructure can be provisioned, configured, and maintained automatically with tools. 

Custom DevOps development 

Regardless of the platform you use, we can build custom dashboards, connectors, and accelerators to ensure the infrastructure environment is optimized for your bespoke product. 

Our DevOps project typically includes:


As part of a DevOps culture, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery enable your application development teams to deliver changes quickly and reliably.


Adopt containerization for infrastructure-independent code. 

Infrastructure as a Code

Using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology, automate the creation of reusable infrastructure and disposable test environments. 

Security and governance audit

All aspects of your public cloud accounts are reviewed externally on a periodic basis, or when regulations or systems change.

Cost Optimization

The more you use the public cloud, the more you can save (or overspend). Select the right purchasing options, the right infrastructure, and measure and report your spending precisely.

Why DevOps with Krish?

Proficiency with key DevOps tools

Non-stop system maintenance

Substantial DevOps experience

Clear view of results

Proficiency with key DevOps tools

Non-stop system maintenance

Substantial DevOps experience

Clear view of results


3 ways we can accelerate your growth 


DevOps Assessment

By analyzing key pain points, laying out a road map, and recommending tools and processes, we can automate deployment cycles across your delivery infrastructure. 


DevOps Implementation

With automation at our end-to-end application delivery cycle, your deployments and rollbacks can be performed in a single click, minimizing risks, and boosting productivity.


Manged Services

We provide 24X7 support for your development team to ensure a flawless integrated delivery pipeline automation cycle and adapt your automated deployment cycle to meet changing requirements. 

Need to bring in the expert? 

Our experts can analyze your IT environment and provide you with a customized DevOps implementation plan. 

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